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  (Cooling Gel Pad)
- This pad release you from inconvenient use of Ice pack and Wet towel in cooling a fever on the forehead and some parts on the body for adults & kids.
- Cooling effect lasts 6 hours.
- This pad also has Aroma effect from three ingredients extracted from plant.
- Sold in Pharmacies, Duug chain store, Hypermakets in private brands or Our own brand as General merchandise or Medical Device Class 1.
Mentha-oil, Lavenda oil, Eucalyptus oil
- Cooling of Fevers on the forehead and the topical skins,
- Refreshment of Vague mentality due to fatigue,
- Refreshment of drowsiness during driving and study.
when needed,
3 years
Store at Cool and Dry place (Room temperature 1-30℃)