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  (Hydro Colloid Band)
- Can be healed by Applying only the Band
- No Scars from Moisture Healing Environments.
- 100% Waterproof & Anti-Bacteria.
- Unnoticeable Colour on skin.
- Less pain in exchanging of the band.
- Economical use at least 3 or 4 days in one application.
- The Equivalent Type to BAND-AID of Johnson & Johnson.
- Sold well in Pharmacies, Drug chain stores, Hypermarkets, in Private brands or Our own brand as OTC, Quasi-drug or Medical Device Class lla.
Cuts, Abrasions, Skin tears, Moderately exuding wounds, Slight surgical wounds, Other external wounds.
- While healing substance (Exudate) natually occurs from the wound under normal environment, it may form the Infection and scars on wounds accordingly.
- Optimum composition of Urethane and Absorbent natural gum of HYDRO-AID BAND prevent the infection from the penetration of water and bacteria by its complete sealing, makes the band have a moderate vantilation(200g/㎡/day) for healing, absorbs a Exudate and keeps it in a moderate amount making the wounds in Moisture healing environment.
- This environment makes the wounds heal faster and doesn`t form any scars.