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  (Pain relief COOL GEL Patch)
- Hydro Gel Type
- Cooling effect and Counter-irritation effect of ingredients give the pain Relief
- Good even after exercise.
- Very convenient to Those who have Thick-Haired body.
- No Greasy and Messy.
- This Patch has much less Skin allergy than normal dry Patch type even in long application
- The demand of this Patch is getting higher in U.S.A & Europe due to the demerit that Ointments gets to the Clothes after application.
- Sold in Pharmacies, Drug chain store, Hypermarkets in Private brands or Our own brand as OTC or Quasi-Drug in Other area and Medical Device Class 1 category
(out of 12 x 8cm, 5.2g)
L-Menthol 260mg
- Size : 10x6.5cm, 12x8cm (for small areas like arm, leg, elbow, knee)
10x14cm, 10x20cm, 14x25cm (for larger areas like back, hip)
Muscular pain, Joint pain, Sprain, Strain, Bruise, Shoulder pain, Lumbago
1-2 times daily.
3 years
Store at Cool and Dry place (Room temperature 1-30℃)