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  (Pain relief Patch)
- This Pain relief patch has been our Representative item for decades.
(We enjoy 95% of Market share in Korea
- Cooling & Counter-irritation effect of ingredients gives the pain Relief.
- The Similar Type to Salonpas of Hisamitsu, Japan.
- sold in Pharmacies, Drug chain store, Hypermarket in Private brands or Our own brand as OTC or Quasi-Drug
(out of 453.29mg (6.2x4.1 cm))
Methyl salicylate 29.98mg, Thymol 0.77mg, L-menthol 36.32mg, DL-camphor 15.63mg, Borneol 1.20mg
- Size : 6.24x4.1cm, 8.4x6.2cm, 8.4x12.4cm, 16.8x12.4cm
Muscular pain, Joint pain, Bruise, Sprain, Arthralgia, Shoulder pain
1-2 times daily.
3 years
Store at Cool and Dry place (Room temperature 1-30℃)