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In the year 1959, few years after Korean war, SINSIN
Pharmaceutical Company was established during the reconstruction of post-war period for the purpose of improving the national health. Amidst the devastating conditions of the 1950’s SINSIN committed to the development of top professional staff, research and development of new products and to the improvement of the korean pharmaceutical market.
SINSIN’s efforts were successful in replacing the expensive Japanese Plaster and through superior quality management became the #1 Plaster company in korea. SINSIN began to export it’s products in1971 and at present time it ships to over 30 different countries worldwide with trememdous success.
In 1993 with worldwide environment concerns ever increasing the Environment-Business Department was organized through technical cooperation with other well know environmental companies and it has become the leading supplier, installers of geosynthetic materials in Korea.
SINSIN has been given various awards including the Outstanding Company Award and the Presidential award. These awards has motivated SINSIN to work harder to promote national health,that is both our responsibility to society and our original goal as a leading pharmaceutical company.

From environmental concerns to national health SINSIN Pharmaceutical will continue to diligently work for the improvement of life.

Thank you for all of your support.